Business Lessons Learned Playing Fantasy Sports

As one of the 57.4 million people who play fantasy sports, I count the days until so-called “draft season.” I completed my first of five live fantasy baseball drafts a couple weeks ago. When I wasn’t “on the clock” to add another player to The Bryzzo Show roster, I compiled a list of 5 business lessons learned playing fantasy sports over the years. Fantasy Sports Background Fantasy sports aren’t all… Read More »

Planting Hops, Brewing an IPA

I smelled the aroma of freshly picked hops for the first time this summer, thanks to a first-year crop of Columbus hops pulled from my dad’s garden in mid-September. The rhizomes, purchased from a local brew shop, grew amazingly well — even better than I had hoped for the first year. Side note: I also purchased some Centennial rhizomes online that, sadly, did not perform as well. Once we planted… Read More »

Raise a Glass: Utah Beer Festival

A sunny Saturday in August made for an enjoyable Utah Beer Festival in downtown Salt Lake City. It was the first time I’d attended the festival, now in its fifth year, and it took place not long after I had celebrated my one-year anniversary as a homebrewer. Comparing it to the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho (which I’d attended earlier this summer) is a bit unfair, considering the restrictions… Read More »

Wyoming Downs: A Day at the Races

Some things you experience as a child aren’t quite the same when you experience them as an adult. Certain movies aren’t as funny, sleeping on the floor isn’t as comfortable, the “Kool-Aid Man” t-shirts aren’t as fashionable. Maybe it’s the wide-eyedness of being a kid. Maybe it’s that you expect more as an adult. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Whatever the case, Wyoming Downs, the closest horse racing track… Read More »

Raise a Glass: Mountain Brewers Beer Fest

I stumbled upon the 20th annual Mountain Brewers Beer Fest by chance. Well, I didn’t stumble across the actual festival but rather the fact that such a heavenly idea was even a thing. Thanks to Mikey over at the Utah Beer Blog, I read all about what sounded like a can’t-miss event. I popped on over to the North American Brewers site and ordered a pair of tickets for the… Read More »