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What is social storytelling?

Social storytelling does more than build brand awareness. It allows for authentic conversations between you and your audiences. It creates opportunities for you as a brand to develop deeper relationships with and to provide increased value for your customers and potential customers.

You have a story to tell.

Let's help you tell it.

Your story matters. Here's why.

No matter what you sell or in what industry you belong, today's social economy means you're first and foremost in the people business.

Your story:

  • connects you to customers
  • establishes trust
  • builds credibility
  • strengthens relationships
  • gives you a competitive advantage


Optimize your digital presence

Social Storytelling

Develop a strategy across social platforms to tell a cohesive, compelling story about you or your brand.

Content Creation

Creative digital-first content draws in readers (and potential customers) and enhances your brand's credibility.

Digital Strategy

Ensure your organization is equipped with a digital game plan designed to give it a competitive advantage.

Content Marketing

Create and curate online content and take steps to get it seen by those who matter most—your potential customers.

Brand Building

Optimize your personal brand online or maximize your organization's digital presence and reputation.


Drive additional traffic to your website by leveraging content-focused search engine optimization tactics.

Community Management

Nurture an online audience by providing value so it can become advocates for you and your brand.

Event Engagement

Amplify your brand at live events by establishing an environment where guests can share their excitement.

Employee Advocacy

Extend your brand's reach by harnessing the power of your employees' social networks.

Why choose Tim Haran Digital?


Tim Haran helped establish an award-winning social media department in 2008 and spent the next decade overseeing the billion-dollar company's global social portfolio. In addition to his extensive digital experience, Tim earned a master's in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley and worked as a business reporter, sports reporter, sports editor and copy editor in traditional and new media.


Asking key questions and paying careful attention to the answers throughout the entire project allows us to work together closely with our clients to ensure their unique goals and objectives are met.

Awards & Recognition

Tim directed an internationally recognized corporate social media team that won dozens of awards for its social campaigns and other digital efforts. Tim was named Social Media Professional of the Year by PR News, and he has been invited to speak to diverse groups about the value of social media for entrepreneurs and the benefits of building a strong brand online.

  • Social Media Professional of the Year, PR News
  • PR News Platinum Hall of Fame, What's Up, USANA? blog
  • Golden Spike Awards, Interactive Communications
  • Social Media Team of the Year, PR News

Let's tell your story

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