I remain obsessed with Brewing TV (presented by Northern Brewer). Yet I couldn’t help but notice that the regular crew — Jake Keeler, Michael Dawson and Chip Walton — hadn’t uploaded a video recently.

Brewing TV: The web series that got me fired up about homebrewing.
Brewing TV: The web series that got me fired up about homebrewing.

Throughout my binge watching I appreciated that they had created regular videos on a variety of brewing topics. I loved it. But the videos seemed to stop late last year.

I did a little research (i.e. Googled “Jake leaving Brewing TV”) and it turns out that Jake and Michael (the hosts) had left Northern Brewer in September and Chip (the videographer/editor) left not long after. It’s still a mystery to me as to what happened, though there’s conjecture on various message boards.

Needless to say, I was bummed. This show was a big reason why I became so obsessed with homebrewing and the only reason I chose to make Northern Brewer my supplier.

Fortunately, I found the trio elsewhere on the Internet. Jake is blogging about his passions — art, fly-fishing and brewing — while Michael is blogging about brewing and still creating some valuable video content.

And the saving grace for my thirst for quality homebrewing videos is quenched by Chip, who’s started a very cool enterprise — Chop & Brew. It reminds me of the Brewing TV I grew to love. I am thrilled to see Dawson involved in a few of the episodes as well.

Chop and BrewAs you might know, my professional life involves managing social media. I strive to create the sort of brand-journalistic videos that Chip has created with Brewing TV and is creating now with Chop & Brew. It’s outstanding content that caters to a specific audience.

If you have any interest in brewing — or cooking — I highly recommend you check out Chop & Brew.