Social Media Icon Awards - Social Media TeamThe USANA social media department is nearing its six-year anniversary. I am proud of what the team has accomplished over that time, and we’ve been recognized by many third-party organizations for the work we do.

But I am perhaps proudest of the award the team won this week, primarily because it takes into account everything we do — from producing outstanding content to maintaining a strong online reputation to creating and engaging a vibrant community.

PR News awarded USANA with the Best Social Media Team award in the 2014 PR News Social Media Icon Awards, and I was fortunate to attend the ceremony at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

Social Media Icon Awards - Awards

I look back on the impact social media has had on our society and I can’t believe how far we’ve come since USANA’s social media department began in late 2008.

It’s now a part of everyday life, incorporated into everything we do.

For our part, we’ve published nearly 2,000 blog posts and have expanded our social channels tremendously. It’s been a lot of fun (and work) to watch it grow. I’m proud of the team and what it does each day.

Social Media Icon Awards - Awards 2Not only did USANA walk away with this prestigious award, but it also earned honorable mentions for the work the social media team did over the past year on the What’s Up, USANA? blog and with the USANA Open global Facebook promotion.

Our social team continues to grow, and the impact of what we do is felt around the globe. I think that’s why I find this award so special; it recognizes the successes of not only the core social media department, but it also honors the individuals around the world who help manage USANA’s 60-plus official social sites.

I believe social media is one of the most powerful forms of communication in business today. Yet today’s business landscape, more than ever, is about developing relationships and providing value. Social media helps businesses — especially home-based businesses and business owners — do just that.