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Tell your story. Drive results.

Never before have consumers held such influence on a brand’s success (or failure). A brand’s digital presence is where opinions about the company are formed and shared. It’s where the conversation about the brand and products live—forever.

Developing a digital strategy—and then executing on that strategy—is a monumental undertaking. In today’s sharing society and economy, you need to drive the conversation and build meaningful relationships with your consumers.

Tim Haran Digital is experienced in helping brands develop a strategic game plan fully customized for your unique business landscape to better engage your audiences.

Social Storytelling

Develop a strategy across social platforms to tell a cohesive, compelling story about you or your brand.

Content Creation

Creative digital-first content draws in readers (and potential customers) and enhances your brand's credibility.

Digital Strategy

Ensure your organization is equipped with a digital game plan designed to give it a competitive advantage.

Content Marketing

Create and curate online content and take steps to get it seen by those who matter most—your potential customers.

Brand Building

Optimize your personal brand online or maximize your organization's digital presence and reputation.


Drive additional traffic to your website by leveraging content-focused search engine optimization tactics.

Community Management

Nurture an online audience by providing value so it can become advocates for you and your brand.

Event Engagement

Amplify your brand at live events by establishing an environment where guests can share their excitement.

Employee Advocacy

Extend your brand's reach by harnessing the power of your employees' social networks.