Bottling day for Death by Redhead Red Ale.
Bottling day for Death by Red Head Ale.

I’m still a bit obsessed with homebrewing, though probably not as obsessed as some when it comes to actual brewing. I’m at the stage where I’m trying to learn all there is about the craft — books, magazines, podcasts, etc.

On the brewing front, however, last week I bottled my sixth batch since August — a “Death by Red Head” Ale. It’s a kit my in-laws gave me for Christmas, and it marked my first foray outside the Northern Brewer world.

I’m excited to crack open a bottle, though I did have some yeast issues. I used White Labs for the first time. I shook it and much of the vial’s contents fizzed right into my sink. Now I know.

I pitched what was left and added a dry yeast packet of similar strain. We’ll see how it goes.

So far, the Honey Brown Ale is still my favorite. I did, however, open the first bottle of the Cream Ale last night and thought it turned out well. It’s a beautiful golden orange color and very easy-drinking.

Tim’s Brews (brew date in parentheses):

  1. Irish Red Ale (8/11/13)
  2. American Amber Ale (9/9/13)
  3. Honey Brown Ale (10/5/13)
  4. Dry Irish Stout (11/21/13)
  5. Cream Ale (1/13/14)
  6. Death by Red Head Ale (1/25/14)

Random Thoughts

  • First bottle of Northern Brewer Cream Ale
    First bottle of Northern Brewer Cream Ale

    I’ve been drinking quite a few interesting beers lately.

  • Last night’s beverage: Bohemian Munich Dark Lager. Delicious.
  • I ordered some hop rhizomes — Cascade and Columbus — for my dad to plant in his yard.
  • I’m heading to San Diego at the end of March for a social media conference. Can’t wait to sample a few of the area’s craft brews.
  • I think the next homebrew batch might be an IPA.
  • Getting closer to venturing past extract kits. Up next, maybe brew-in-a-bag — training wheels for all-grain?