All signs pointed to a spectacular day. The sun was shining, the Cubs were playing and I had the entire morning to spend brewing my first beer.

Irish Red Brew Day
Tim’s Irish Red Ale in the carboy.

I re-watched the introductory DVD and took extensive notes to make sure I didn’t miss a step along the way. While the actual brew day may entail only 3 hours, the entire process takes a month or more. I didn’t want to mess up my first batch.

Everything seemed to go smoothly. The wort boiled on my electric stove and I successfully cooled it in an ice bath and transferred it into my six-gallon carboy.

The next step: Find a spot to let the yeast do its thing for the next week or so.

It gets hot in Utah in the summer and we don’t have a basement. I worried about the ambient temperature during the day being a little on the warm side but I decided to screw the environment and program our thermostat to kick on the AC at 74 degrees (as opposed to our usual 83 when we’re at work).

The yeast seemed to approve and fermentation started within the first 12 hours. I cracked open a store-bought beer and put some burgers on the grill for dinner.

It was a good day.