I actually brewed my third batch — Honey Brown Ale — earlier this month and it’s currently conditioning in bottles.

American Amber Ale - Tim Haran
Homebrew No. 2: American Amber Ale

Soon after I brewed this batch, I popped open my first bottle of American Amber. First impressions: Fuller-bodied than my original Irish Ale, with a richer taste. To me, it reminds me of a store-bought pale ale (and that’s what I thought as I tasted it on brew day and during fermentation).

My dad (the only other person who’s really tasted my first two batches) didn’t care for it as much as I did, but he liked the Irish Red (Batch No. 1) more than I did. So I guess it’s a matter of taste.

I can’t complain. It’s still a light, session beer, clocking in at just about 4% ABV. I think this will be a good one to drink during the remainder of football season.

Honey Brown Ale
Homebrew No. 3: Honey Brown Ale

As for the Honey Brown, it looks like that one will be a little more robust (5.25% ABV). I’ll be opening my first bottle of that toward the end of this week and will likely keep most of them conditioning for another week or two. I still have most of my American Amber ales conditioning, so it will be interesting to taste those as they age.

Also, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Mikey, who just followed me on Untappd. I’ve never met him, but he runs a cool Utah Beer blog that I read regularly. Check it out.