The older I get, the more my mind seems to be swimming in seemingly useless knowledge.

Buzztime Trivia WinnerFortunately, there’s an outlet for spouting such knowledge. And in a competitive format, no less.

For many months, my outlet was Buzztime Trivia, the electronic trivia game featured in bars and Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants far and wide.

Confession: My wife and I developed quite an addiction to Buzztime starting in the summer of 2011. We even slipped away on a family vacation to find a Buzztime bar where we could get our fix.

When not traveling, we’d frequent a local wings joint (not the brand mentioned previously), belly up to the bar and match smarts against thousands of anonymous competitors. It’s interesting; rarely did others dining alongside us compete. I like to think they feared our amazing intellect. More likely, they probably weren’t interested in experiencing high school history class flashbacks.

Buzztime TriviaI think we single-handedly kept the place in business (that is, until it ultimately went out of business). We had our names posted on the leaderboards, qualified to receive engraved beer mugs and definitely ate our share of chicken wings.

But when the place shut down, we took a trivia hiatus. Sure, we’d pick up a gaming device if we happened to stop in a place that offered Buzztime. But for the most part, we were a two-person tribe without trivia.

It was sad. And then, several months ago my wife and I and a few buddies from work ditched the digital Playmakers and sought out live trivia — with a real life “quizmaster” and everything!

Geeks Who Drink

These weekly trivia competitions have forced allowed me to learn more than I ever wanted to know about “American noise rock band” Killdozer and Canada-born U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (each was featured prominently during recent rounds of Geeks Who Drink challenges).

Geeks Who Drink, a pub quiz apparently modeled after such quizzes in the United Kingdom, is highly addictive. The majority of our Tuesday nights for the past 4+ months have been spent with friends — up to 6 on a team — at Gracie’s Gastropub in Salt Lake City, enjoying a beer or two and hanging on the every word of Quizmaster Gar.

Our team began as Valar More Beer Us, which apparently is a play on something Game of Thrones related. I’m not a fan, but fortunately there are others on the team who live and die by GoT (I hear it’s quite the phenomenon).

Quick sidebar: That’s the thing about this sort of trivia. Unlike the multiple-choice Buzztime, it’s tough to fake Geeks Who Drink. Of course there are lucky guesses, but it’s usually not a matter of choosing from one of four options and hoping for the best. It takes a well-rounded team with bits of knowledge in multiple arenas to do well.

Quality Used Cars
Quality Used Cars

We rolled with Valar More Beer Us for a couple weeks and experienced some success. But it wasn’t until we freshened it up with a new name that we started consistently finishing second.

That’s right. Second. Almost every single week. Once in a while third, never first.

That is until Nov. 5. For the first time, the now-famous Quality Used Cars team not only sniffed at victory, it tasted it.

And I wasn’t there.

As luck (or skill, depending) would have it, Quality Used Cars repeated the following week, this time by the narrowest of margins (1 point) and with a full team.

My wife and I were absent for the inaugural victory, so the second win tasted that much sweeter.

This week we’re trying to join the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Yankees and others as we vie for an all-elusive three-peat.